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Free Watch Winder Worth £269 When You Purchase An OMEGA Watch*. Pay £0 Deposit. Up To 4 Years 0% Finance Available. Official OMEGA UK Stockist Official Stockist & IFC Available. Free Delivery & No-Hassle Return Omega serial numbers excluding the Speedmaster. Serial number Released 1,000,000 - 1,999,999 1894 43,000,000 - 43,999,999 197

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Dot over 90, baby. In a move almost entirely unheard of in the watch world, Omega has actually managed to make the new 3861 Hesalite Speedmaster thinner than its predecessor, with the new generation sitting at 13.58mm vs. the 1861's 14.3mm. Pretty cool omega speedmaster serial numbers FIND THE APPROXIMATE YEAR YOUR VINTAGE OMEGA SPEEDMASTER WAS PRODUCED BY ITS SERIAL NUMBER DISCLAIMER: SERIAL NUMBER DATING IS NOT A 100% ACCURATE WAY TO DATE YOUR WATCH, BUT IS GENERALLY ACCEPTED TO BE ACCURATE WITHIN 6 TO 12 MONTHS

The fact that a case back indicates 145.022-76 and -78 for example, does not mean that Omega did not produce any Speedmaster Professional 145.022 watches in 1977. Always refer to the serial or movement number (not to be confused with caliber number) that is engraved on the movement. The 145.022-78 was replaced by the 145.0022 around 1981 In 2021, Omega updated the iconic Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with the caliber 3861 movement. A very good reason to update our Speedmaster Buyer's Guide as well! This guide dates all the way back to 2014, and since then, a lot happened An Omega serial number is a unique seven or eight-digit number which is etched into the watch, most of the times into the movement, when it's produced. For this reason it is sometimes called the movement number. The serial number can help you verify the authenticity of the watch and even if it's stolen The Moonwatch Only claims one bracelet - the 1450, Master of Omega claims 2 bracelets - the 1450 and the 1479. More recently there appears to be three. The 1450 is the bracelet issued with the watch however it appears that the Singapore distributor for marketing reasons occasionally put the watch on a 1479 bracelet An Omega serial number will either be laser etched in tiny digits on the case back or for older watches it may be on the inside of the case or on the movement. It will be a number (no letters) between 5 and 9 digits long. This tool can date any Omega watch from 1895 to 2011. Omega speedmaster serial numbers did not run in line with non-Speedmaster serial numbers so please select which you have, if you have a Speedmaster it will be clearly marked on the case back

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watch serial numbers are located on the movement or on the back of 7 O'clock lug. The watches with the serial number on 7 O'clock lug have a matching serial number on the movement. Other speedmasters will have the serial number on the caseback below the Hippocampus-Seahorse Omega caliber 321, 861, 1861, 3861, others. Omega Speedmaster is a line of chronograph wristwatches produced by Omega SA. While chronographs have been around since the late 1800s, Omega first introduced this line of chronographs in 1957. Since then, many different chronograph movements have been marketed under the Speedmaster name

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The Speedmaster Reduced houses an automatic movement based on the ETA 2890-A2, also known as OMEGA's Caliber 3220. On the other hand, most other Speedmaster models come equipped with a manual movement. This includes a Caliber 321, 861, 863, 1861, or 1863, depending on the exact variation of the model Moonwatch Movements. Manual-wind chronograph, counters for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours, column-wheel, sub second. Base caliber Lemania CH27 C12. Also known as Omega 27CHRO C12 T2. Diameter: 12'/ 27.0mm. Height: 6.74mm. Manual-wind chronograph, counters for 60 seconds, 30 minutes, 12 hours, cam switched, sub second

Including Serial Numbers, Production Dates and Calibers. 1848 - Present. La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. The Omega Watch Company was founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland in 1848. Brandt, 23 years old, began by hand assembling watches from parts produced by local craftsmen. When Louis Brandt passed away in 1879, he left the. Calibre 321. Chronograph 39.7 mm. $14,100.00. Waiting list Calibre 321 Chronograph 39.7 mm - 311. SPEEDMASTER MOONWATCH CALIBRE 321. An iconic watch driven by a legendary movement. Powered by the reborn Calibre 321, OMEGA's Speedmaster Moonwatch in stainless steel is a watch steeped in space history. Discover the universe

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Listing: $5,388 Omega 1987 Speedmaster 42mm Professional 861 Movement 145022, Reference number 145.022; Steel; Manual winding; Condition Very good; Year 1987; Location: Can OMEGA's Seamaster Diver 300M collection includes a range of watches sized at 43.5 mm. All four models have much in common, including the use of black ceramic and the choice of movement: OMEGA's Master Chronometer Calibre 8806. Those seeking a dressier version can choose a Diver 300M with a touch of Sedna™ gold or grade 5 titanium Pay £0 Deposit. Up To 4 Years 0% Finance Available. Official OMEGA UK Stockist. Free Watch Winder Worth £269 When You Purchase An OMEGA Watch* The Omega Speedmaster Tintin was in production between 2013 and 2016 and assumed is that there are less than 2000 pieces. A future return? Those who love (fast) cars do know how to find a Speedmaster though. During the many Speedmaster events we've hosted over the years, we've met a big number of car enthusiasts

The Speedmaster is a wristwatch with chronograph function, which was put on the market in 1957 and was then equipped with the manual winding movement 27 CHRO of 1942.In 1965 the Speedmaster was selected by the NASA as the official watch for the astronauts. Since 1966 it bears the name Speedmaster Professional and has received the typical design with a contrasting black dial Movement. No prototyping of the movement was required as it was a Lemania Watch Orient 1883. The movement was a beryllium copper coated chronograph, as per Omega specification, with 17 jewels and shock protection. There were two batches of movement numbers; 44122xxx and 48223xxx The OMEGA Speedmaster 125, and then for some reason OMEGA stopped numbering the Speedmaster 125 altogether. the rotor, and the bridge is usually enough to determine if the movement is a correct OMEGA movement for the case it is found in. The bridge of the 1041 has more text printed onto it than a 1040


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  1. The Case reference number of Omega watches is stamped ( NOT engraved!) on the inside of the rear cover. To see it you'll need to either remove the rear cover, or in some cases, remove the crystal & then the movement. Some examples are :- 145.0022 - Speedmaster Professional ==> Gent's Watch , Manual winding chronograph,Water-resistant (no calendar
  2. Once you've found a nice vintage Speedmaster, always ask for the serial/movement-number (not to be confused with the caliber number). Omega has an extract of the archives service that is able to indicate whether the movement was indeed delivered in a certain case reference, in what year and to which country
  3. or changes from 1968 until this day, is often called the Moonwatch. That's interesting because the 145.022 wasn't the watch first worn on the Moon. This title goes to the Omega Speedmaster 105.
  4. The Movement. Perhaps the biggest change to the new Speedmaster is the movement within. It's certainly the most argued over, but in reality this move seems inevitable. This Speedmaster is fitted with Omega's caliber 3861, and it brings a * clutches pearls * co-axial escapement t
  5. Omega Speedmaster Date of Manufacture by Serial Numbers. There is a new and more accurate resource for finding out the age of a vintage Speedmaster Moon or Pre-Moon you are trying to buy. This database uses a compilation or known and confirmed extracts of archives from Omega Museum to estimate the age of your Speedmaster

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  1. All-New Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope! 30, you can see that the hand will actually fall on a higher number. The longer it takes to get to 30, the lower the number gets, But perhaps the best part is the new movement, the Cal. 9908. Yes, Omega saw it fit not only to bless us by not putting a date in a watch but by using a hand wound movement
  2. Omega Speedmaster Review: Movement The watch reviewed here is the previous-generation Speedmaster with Omega's own 1861 movement, which featured in the Moonwatch for decades
  3. Sale! Beautiful pre-owned, 1983, Omega Speedmaster Professional, Ref. 145.022, with the legendary Cal. 861 movement. All parts and components are original and correct. Works flawlessly, super accurate. • Wonderful original dial with great patina. • Case has never been polished. • Chronograph runs and resets perfectly

For the new watch models that include the 3861 movement, Omega also included certain subtle details to please that crowd and differentiate the new models from the last generation. They include indented step subdials and design touches that refer to early space era Speedmaster watches like the placement of dots on the bezel in relation to their numbers (70 and 90, specifically) Of all the various series of Omega Speedmaster watches available, the Michael Schumacher series watches are fairly available, ranking fourth in volume sold on online auction site eBay, though at number four, they still only make up 3.3% of Speedmasters purchased from December 2014 through March 2015 (the range of available data that was collected for this article)

The Omega caliber 3888 is an automatic chronograph movement that was released in 8/2008. The 3888 is a COSC certified chronometer and features Omega's Co-Axial escapement. It is the first mechanical movement to display five chronograph counters on the dial. Note: The caliber number on the actual movement is 3888A. Speedmaster 5-Counters. Omega Watch Movement Parts Are Ordered By Caliber Number. Case numbers are used to select all case parts (bezel, crown, crystals, dial, gaskets, bracelets). The case number is located inside the back case, once you opened and removed the case back. Full instructions for Omega Click Here

1.1 Step 1: Fake vs real Omega Speedmaster movement. 1.2 Step 2: Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch genuine vs replica sub-dials details. 1.3 Step 3: Look at the text on the dial of your Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. 1.4 Step 4: Verify the space available between the dial's margin and the markers Omega introduced the ref. 145.012-67 in 1967, and it was in production until approximately 1969. Functionally, it's fitted with one of Omega's most famous movements, the caliber 321, and this is the last reference fitted with this movement before Omega transitioned over to the reference 145.022, with a caliber 861 movement Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph Dark Side of the Moon. Powered by an automatic Cal. 9300 movement, this Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster features a pitch black ceramic oversized case measuring in at 44.25mm held on with a black calfskin leather strap. Click here if you are interested in this model. Omega Speedmaster 5 Discover Omega replacement parts and accessories on Chrono24. Purchase bracelets, straps, bezels, movements, dials, glass, and crowns onlin


However, it s an open secret that the classic Speedmaster Professional with the reference number of 311. is the most popular and equally most sold watch of the Omega series. On the entire market, it is still one of the most easily identifiable luxury watch models in the entire world with the reference number of 3750.50.00 OMEGA produced the model in a limited run of 5,957 pieces. This might seem like a relatively large number for a special edition piece. However, remember that the brand manufactures around 600,000 to 700,000 watches each year. The OMEGA Speedmaster 50 th Anniversary boasts a modern, oversized 42mm case The 2021 Omega Speedmaster 3861 watches are all available on a new-generation five-link bracelet, or on a nylon strap for steel models, and leather straps for the precious metal models. The new bracelet is a welcome change, as some were not very pleased with the aesthetic and architecture of the previous generation bracelet On the movement you will also find the caliber number (861) and movement number (or serial number as you wish). The serial numbers of Omega watches can be a bit confusing, however, the Speedmaster Mark II has serial numbers between 27,xxx,xxx and 35,xxx,xxx which ranges from 1969 to 1975 The movement of the Alaska IV prototypes is almost the same than the caliber 1620 from the regular model ST 186.0004 Omega Speedmaster Professional Quartz in terms of features but if you compare them aside, there are some notable differences

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Breaking news: the Speedmaster Professional gets a new reference number, a new box (with goodies), an updated bracelet and a price increase. The new box includes an Omega black NATO strap, a velcro strap resembling the one used by NASA, a loupe (with tachymeter!), a strap changing tool and a Speedmaster plate/ coin with the Seahorse logo The Omega Speedmaster Reduced (3510.50) is a watch model from the Omega brand and Speedmaster collection. The average price of a Omega 3510.50 on the private sales market is $2,659, while you can expect to pay $3,022 from a gray market dealer. Omega 3510.50 is trending up 8.1% in price over the past 180 days The Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer, may not have been on the moon, but it is nevertheless a thoroughly convincing watch: its sporty yet elegant design offers excitement without being polarizing; its components are of high quality without unduly raising the price; and its movement's technology can be described as ingenious Introducing the Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope. The word Chronoscope blends two traditional Greek expressions. Chronos meaning time and Scope meaning to observe. The tool typically measures the duration between two points or events. Omega's astonishing new 43 mm Chronoscope performs this function beautifully - and on multiple levels

Serial numbers omega speedmaster professional moon find the approximate year your vintage omega speedmaster was produced by its serial number. disclaimer: serial number dating is not a % accurate way to date your watch, but is generally accepted to be accurate within 6 to 12 months. this is not a means of authentication Omega's release of the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 in 2020 revived a true legend. The new model, including its movement, is a replica of the Speedmaster Ref. 105.003 that Ed White wore on the first American spacewalk in 1965 and Gene Cernan on the last moonwalk in 1972 Omega men's watch, model Speedmaster Reduced from the years 1990-1999. Reference number 3511.50. The watch is powered by an automatic movement and is equipped with a chronograph and date display at the 3 o'clock position. Also note the old style 'Hexagon' crown associated with this reference number. The watch has signs of wear. Dial is in very good condition with nicely evenl Why This Watch Matters The reference 145.012 marks the end of an era in the production of the Omega Speedmaster. It was the last example of the original caliber 321 movement, which has been hailed as one of the more important movements used by the brand. The second hand also changed forever after this model, losing the Buy yours today from HODINKEE Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Omega SpeedMaster 861 movement part balance wheel #721 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow hand-wound chronograph in steel Ref. 3594.50.00 Brand: Omega Model: Speedmaster Type: men's watch Manufacture: ~ 1996 Features. Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II 145.014 Vintage Men's Watch. 42mm stainless steel case with a tachymeter bezel Black dial with luminous hands and indexes. Three chronograph sub-dials displaying seconds, minutes, and hours. grey strap with a steel buckle. Will fit up to a 9.5-inch wrist. Mechanical hand-winding movement

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As I wrote above, the Speedmaster Automatic doesn't run a dedicated chronograph movement. Instead, the Omega Cal. 1140 is an ETA 2890-A2 base with a Dubois Depraz chronograph module sitting on top. This setup gives a combined thickness of just 6.5mm. For comparison, a Valjoux/ETA 7750 — a modern workhorse — comes in close to 8mm Omega introduced its Speedmaster Calibre 321 reference 311. last year, and it is inspired by the Speedmaster reference 105.003 worn by astronauts like Ed White. The 105.003 was also the last replica watches store worn on the Moon, on the wrist of Gene Cernan Omega Speedmaster (Submodel) Annons: 12 318 kr Omega Speedmaster Movement ; Cal. 1861, new, Verk ( komplett); Referensnummer 1861; Manuell uppvridning; Skick Oanvänd. Why it's difficult to buy an Omega Speedmaster Bruce Duguay. I have been trying to buy an Omega Speedmaster for a couple of years now. I have to admit I'm finding it nearly impossible to purchase one. Yes, I know they are readily available. That isn't the problem

OMEGA. SPEEDMASTER REF 2915-2 'BROAD ARROW' A STAINLESS STEEL CHRONOGRAPH WRISTWATCH WITH BRACELET, MADE IN 1958. Dial: black Caliber: cal. 321 manual winding movement, 17 jewels Movement number: 15'997'556 Case: stainless steel Closure: stainless steel Omega bracelet with folding clasp, endlinks stamped 6 Dimensions: 38 mm diameter, bracelet circumference approximately 180 m In this variation, Omega has pared everything down except for the style options, with offerings in a number of neutral hues, stainless steel or leather straps, and the addition of diamond accents. At the heart of this classic Speedmaster chronograph is the brand's mechanical caliber 3304 movement Omega Speedmaster Watches Popular Used Omega Speedmaster Watches. The Speedmaster garnered its iconic nickname, the Moonwatch, after making history in 1969. That year, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to set foot on the moon, wearing none other than the Speedmaster. Since then, the model has become the official watch of the space program

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Listing: $5,823 Omega Speedmaster, Reference number 145.022; Steel; Manual winding; Location: France, Lyo If you're fond of hitting the tarmac at high speeds or you need a suitable timepiece to match your favorite classic car, you can never really go wrong with this racing-oriented Omega Speedmaster chronograph watch. Size: 40mm. Movement: Calibre Omega 3330 (Automatic) Type: Racing. Purchase: $4,700

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Omega Speedmaster Teutonic Chronograph Ref. 145.0040 42mm case size. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Silver dial. Chronograph function. Manual wind movement - calibre 861. Bracelet to fit a 17.5cm wrist or below. Omega Speedmaster Teutonic Chronograph Ref. 145.0040: AUD 4,900 GST INCLUDED: Code: K761 Brand: Omega Range: 007 Limitierte Gender: Diameter 13.8 mm di spessore Movement: number Case Size: Case Material: Case thickness: Bezel: Color: Black Band Type: Black and white cloth watch stra

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Omega Speedmaster movement macro by Schwarz Makromediahttps://www.schwarz-makromedia.ch/https://www.instagram.com/schwarz_makromedia/https://www.patreon.com/.. Omega Speedmaster Mark II. Reference number 145.014. Movement Manual winding. Case material Steel. Bracelet material Steel. Year of production ca. 1970. Condition Good (Light signs of wear or scratches) No original box, no original papers. Movement Manual winding Movement / Caliber 861 Base caliber Lemania 1873. Number of jewels17. Case.

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Beneath the caseback is an Omega Cal. 3220 automatic movement. This movement is based on ETA 2890-A2 with an add on Dubois-Dépraz 2020 chronograph module. This explains the high number of jewels (45 to 47) in Cal. 3220 movement and also why the crown and chronograph pushers are not in proper alignment The movement in the Speedmaster Reduced is another hot topic. There have been many articles written about the modular Omega Cal. 3220 movement in the Reduced. It's based on the ETA 2890 movement with a DD2020 chronograph module stacked on top

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The Omega Speedmaster Professional (145.022) is a watch model from the Omega brand and Speedmaster collection. The average price of a Omega 145.022 on the private sales market is $6,287, while you can expect to pay $7,758 from a gray market dealer. Omega 145.022 is trending up 19.3% in price over the past 180 days Omega launched the model in 1985, featuring a date and moon phases indications, with a caliber 866, a modified version of the 861. With movement numbers ranging from 44.122.xxx to 48.223.xxx, the production run is estimated between 1985 and 1988 The movement numbers are from 31.009xxxx-32.857xxxx. The first watches were actually delivered in 1972. This particular Omega Speedmaster Professional STRAIGHT WRITING has just undergone a full service. This work was carried out by our watchmaker using original parts Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Snoopy Award watch. The first and original edition - the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Snoopy Award watch landed in 2003 and was produced in a limited edition run of 5,441 pieces, representing the 142 hours, 54 minutes, and 41 seconds of the Apollo 13 mission Omega serial numbers. by year. Is your chance to get a fair estimate of when your Omega watch was produced. You simply look up your serial number and place it in the shown table. Please have in mind that the time table for the Omega serial numbers is not 100% accurate but gets as close to +/- 2 years

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When Omega introduced the Speedmaster Professional with cal.861 (the successor of the cal.321 columnwheel movement) they also introduced a new bracelet. The ref.1171, which was more solid than the ref.1039 and was more durable too Pale Honey Desert, Planbine Plangen with Haya Plat. In 1956, regular BVlgari currencies continued to use the Italian film award. You can see the legend of any time. Yes, and the right carpet will be added to the button. Crown Fake Omega Serial Numbers and Sunni Me. The main movement is your package. Factory factory Continue reading Guide To Buying A Fake Omega Serial Numbers Movement. A rare and desirable Omega Speedmaster wristwatch with calibre 321 movement number 19332130 circa 1962 It has the Alpha hands and white diamond chronograph hand, tachymetre bezel diameter 39.40mm Inside the back is numbered 105002 - 62 S OMEGA, SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL, PRE MOON, REF. 145.012 SP ICONEEK price: SOLD Iconeek is proud to introduce here one of the most famous and best chronograph in the world: The Speedmaster Professional, The present reference 145.012 is the very last Speedmaster to house the legendary caliber 321 and to have a center chronograph seconds hand with the distinctive, drop-shaped tail. Ref. ST145.012. This movement is Omega's Caliber 861 and was in production from 1968 through about 1996, when it was succeeded by the Caliber 1861 movement. The Speedmaster Mark II had a barrel-shaped case that looked totally different from the asymmetrical Speedmaster Professional case